How do loss limits work?

Loss limits for betting start from the moment they are first set. They run for the time you choose (day, week, month or year) and then they are automatically re-set and begin again.

For example:  if you set a loss limit of £100 (€100) per week around Monday mid-day, your losses will be tracked from that point and you will be prevented from losing more than £100 (€100) until the following Monday. Then the loss limits will be re-set for the following week.

Unmatched bets will also be counted towards your loss limit. If you cannot place a bet, please check that your unmatched bets would not cause you to hit your loss limit.

If you try to remove or increase your limit, it will only take effect if you confirm this change after 7 days. Any decrease in the limit will be applied immediately.


Loss limits cover net losses (taking winnings into account) on the sports betting products, Virtual Sports, Casino and Bingo.

We offer different loss limits:

  • Global – All products included
  • Gaming – Includes Casino, Arcade & Bingo
  • Virtual Sports

Poker & Exchange Games do not have loss limits these products are a transfer limit. This limit restricts the amount a customer can transfer to another wallet on their account.


Loss limits have the same time options as deposit limits with one additional option for yearly limits.

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