GamProtect/Single Customer View Trial 1 FAQ’s

What is GamProtect?

GamProtect is a scheme that allows Gambling operators to share customer information with one another as part of the Single Customer View Trial 1. This ensures that people who display high-risk behaviours are protected from gambling-related harm.

As part of this scheme, Betfair will take action on accounts where gambling-related harm has been stated (Closing Operator) or where other operators have flagged this to us (Receiving Operator).

What information will be shared?

The Participating Operator will add the following Registration Data about the player to GamProtect:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Postcode
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Unique Customer ID set by Participating Operators

Who is involved with GamProtect?


Party Poker
Party Casino
Gala Bingo
Gala Casino
Gala Spins
Foxy Bingo
Foxy Games
Cheeky Bingo



William Hill

William Hill Ltd



Paddy Power

Why have you closed my account?/Why is my account closed?

If your account has been closed with a GamProtect closure, it’s because you made concerning statements regarding your gambling and well-being. Some examples are available below:

  • Have a gambling problem or addiction.
  • Are seeking external support or treatment for gambling problems.
  • Will harm yourself or someone else.
  • Should not be gambling because you have a medical condition.
  • Want to permanently stop gambling due to problems with gambling.


How long do GamProtect closures remain in place?

If you have been excluded by Betfair as the closing operator, you’ll be unable to gamble on Betfair.

This also includes any other betting and gambling accounts you have in the UK with matching account details; with other brands that are part of our family group. To learn more about the Flutter brand family, please click here.

If Betfair is the closing operator; you may contact us after a 5-year period here  to discuss removing you from the GamProtect register. If you are removed from the GamProtect register, your account will still remain permanently excluded with Betfair and the family brands within Flutter.

If another brand is the closing operator, you will need to contact them directly to be removed from the GamProtect register. 

Additional data retention periods will apply. To see more click here.


How can I reopen my account/reactivate my account?

If you have disclosed concerning health-related issues to Betfair or a participating operator, your account will not be reactivated as part of the scheme.


If you have disclosed this information with another participating operator and believe this does not apply to you or is incorrect, you will need to contact the operator directly to remove you from the GamProtect register before we can reactivate your account.


If the closure has been applied by Betfair, please contact us here.


What if I don’t have an account with another operator in the scheme?

We understand sometimes, mistakes can happen. We advise contacting the closing operator to discuss the action taken. Links to each operator are available in the table above. Please note that Betfair is not able to assist when not the closing operator. If you are unsure of who is the closing operator, please contact us here.


I’ve been removed from the GamProtect register, what happens next?

If your closure originated with another operator, you will need to contact them directly to discuss your closure. If this has been addressed with the other operator and they have removed you from the GamProtect register, please allow up to 24 hours before contacting us for account reinstatement.


What happens if I disagree with the action that’s been taken?

Betfair put customer safety first and we can understand that this may not be the outcome you expected.

If Betfair is the closing operator, please contact us here where we would be more than happy to review the closure and actions taken.

If you have been registered with GamProtect by another operator, you will need to dispute this directly with that operator. Betfair cannot assist any further until you have been removed from the GamProtect register.

If you wish to raise an official complaint in relation to GamProtect, please click here


Where can I find more information?

For more information on GamProtect, please visit their website available here


For more information on our privacy policy and how your data is being processed, please click here 


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