Football - 90 Minute Rule

What does ‘90 minutes plus injury time only’ mean when settling my bet?

Bets placed on Football markets are settled based on the 90 minutes plus any injury time that is played. All goals, shots on target, cards awarded, corners taken etc. that occur during the game will count towards the settlement of your bet.

If the game goes to extra time*, any goals, shots, cards, corners etc. will not count towards the settlement of your bet that was placed.

*Extra time is the 30-minute period (2 x 15-minute periods) that is played after the normal 90 minutes plus any injury time added by the referee for injuries or delays during the 90 minutes is finished.


When does extra time count towards the settlement of my bet?

Extra Time only applies to certain markets. If you place a bet on markets such as “To Lift The Trophy” or “To qualify for the next round” it will include extra time and penalties in the settlement.

Example: Team A beats Team B 2-1 after extra time in a cup game. The match ended 1-1 after 90 minutes plus injury time.

The correct winning selection in the win-draw-win market is “Draw”. The correct score winning selection is 1-1 because it is based on 90minutes. All bets on Team A will be losers despite them qualifying for the next round.

Remember – If you place a bet on the ‘Extra Time Correct Score Market’ you're betting on the score in the extra time period only. So for the sake of this bet, it's 0-0 at the start of extra time and only goals scored during the extra time period count towards this market.


What happens if I have placed a bet on a player who is not playing?

In the event of a player not playing, all bets will be void at the end of full time IF they do not take any part in the match.

If the player comes on, your bet will stand as there is a chance your bet can be successful ie. Anytime Goalscorer, Wincast. If a player has any opportunity to fulfil the bet they are counted as a runner, irrelevant of how long they have played.


I placed a bet on the first goalscorer but the first goal was an own goal. What will happen to my bet?

If the first goal is an own goal it does not count as a goal for settlement purposes of 1st goalscorer and subsequent markets attached to it.

All bets on 1st goalscorer will therefore be settled on the 2nd goal. Own goals will not affect the settlement of any bets placed on correct score or other related markets.


I placed a bet on a game/fixture that is now postponed. What will happen to my bet?

If a match is postponed, or a match starts but is later abandoned, all undetermined bets will be voided as long as the match is not played to a finish before midnight local time on its scheduled date.

Fixtures that are rearranged before the scheduled kick off date will not be regarded as postponements and all bets will stand, if the rescheduled date is within 72 hours of the original kick off time.

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