The Betfair website is not loading correctly. What can I do?

Whenever there are technical problems from our end, we will endeavour to keep our customers informed via social media. For all the latest updates check us out on Twitter @BetfairCS

These instances should be rare however and if you are currently experiencing problems accessing or navigating the site, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

Generally most issues with the Betfair website will be due to a 'caching' issue. This is when your internet browser holds ‘out of date’ information in the history folder, which conflicts with the page the browser is attempting to load.
Each time a web-page is viewed, your PC saves certain information and this can cause problems as the memory cache becomes too full over time. To clear this:

  1. Within your browser (no matter what browser you are using) simply press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE (as detailed in the below image). This will open a new window in which there will be an option to delete the browser history.
  2. Mark ‘Temporary Internet files’ or ‘Cache’ and ‘Cookies’;
  3. Confirm operation by clicking Delete/Clear;
  4. Please restart your browser to affect the Cache deletion.

- Enabling Cookies

To access the Betfair site you will need to enable Cookies; to do this:

For Internet Explorer:
1. Select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’;
2. Within the ‘Privacy’ tab click on ‘Sites’;
3. Type ‘’ in the ‘Address of Web site’ and then click on ‘Allow’;
4. Click ‘OK’ to save, and close down the ‘Internet Options’ window;
5. Cookies will now be enabled for the Betfair site only.

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options...’;
2. Select the Privacy panel;
3. Set 'Firefox will:' to 'Use custom settings for history';
4. Click on ‘Exceptions’ and type ‘’ in the ‘Address of Web site’ and then click on ‘Allow’;
5. Click ‘Close’ to save, and close down the ‘Options’ window by clicking ‘OK’;
6. Cookies will now be enabled for the Betfair site only.


If this has still not resolved please contact us for further assistance.

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