Technical Support

Changing your personal details

At Betfair we take your personal details at the point of registration, but you can update these yourself at any time. It is advised that you keep this section up-to-date should we ever need to contact you.

Can I monitor logins to my account?

We've added a handy new feature under the 'My Security' section which lets you review all of the access to your Betfair account. Essentially, you can check this section to verify the date, time, country and Internet Protocol Address for each login. I

How do I report a security incident?

If you believe that you have discovered a vulnerability in a Betfair product please report it to us through HackerOne - If you have a security incident to report please get in touch with us through our customer support.

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDOS (Designated Denial of Service) Attack is a technique used by criminals to disrupt or crash websites. It works by sending millions of page requests to a website (just like when you hit F5 to refresh a webpage), until it eventually crashes. You

What is Adware?

This is also a type of Trojan. Adware refers to software which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertising material to your computer. Adware is usually comes bundled with freeware software to generate advertising income. Follow the tips i

Betfair is removing support for SSLv3? Am I affected?

Why will old browser versions no longer be able to access Betfair’s website? Betfair is removing support for SSLv3 starting from November 2015. SSLv3 is an encryption mechanism released in 1996 that is used to help secure information as it passes ove

What are Trojans?

This attack is derived from the classical myth of the Trojan Horse. Trojans are applications that masquerade as legitimate and often interesting software. Links or attachments in emails from people you dont know should always be treated with suspicio

What is Spyware?

Spyware is another type of Trojan that performs activities on your computer without your knowledge. Typically, Spyware monitors your computing habits to gather personal information. This can be analysed to provide advertising information, collect cre

How to boost your PC and Internet performance?

Have you recently experienced a slow site performance? a game error in Casino, etc.? a software or browser to freeze or to crash? a disconnection during a game in Poker, Casino, etc.? If so, then it is probably time to check your browser and internet

The Betfair website is not loading correctly. What can I do?

Whenever there are technical problems from our end, we will endeavour to keep our customers informed via social media. For all the latest updates check us out on Twitter @BetfairCS These instances should be rare however and if you are currently exper

How can I identify phishing e-mails?

A Phishing (or spoofed) email will try to represent a well-known company such as Betfair and request personal information from you, the customer. The following are some characteristics to help you identify Phishing emails: Common or general greetings

What are the recommended technical requirements for your site?

For the best experience when using Betfair, we recommend you use one of the following platform/browser options: Operation system: XP SP3+: Firefox - 49 or newer Google Chrome - 49 or newer Operation system: Windows 7+: Internet Explorer 11 or newer F

How should I protect my personal information?

Your personal information is valuable, both to you and to fraudsters. Betfair understands this, and we have developed secure processes which further reduce the risk of your details getting into the wrong hands. For example, our processes ensure that

How can I identify phishing websites?

The following are some characteristics of Phishing websites. Hidden Address bar Many Phishing websites disable the browser’s ‘address bar’, meaning that the address of the website you are visiting is not visible to you. This is deliberate so that you

What should I do to protect my personal computer?

Your computer has the potential to become the target of an attack by a criminal hacker. Their goal might be to capture your personal information, use your machine to attack others or it could even be used to store illegal data. Here's what you can do

How can I better protect myself online?

Be aware of phishing emails. Betfair emails will be sent in the same format and structure at all times. We will never request you to update your details/passwords by clicking on a link via email. If at any time you wish to update information always

What is Phishing?

Phishing attacks are carried out by an attacker who sends a genuine looking communication, such as an email, to their victim claiming to be from a company with which they have dealings, e.g., Betfair. These spoofed emails will ask you to “verify your