Missing Withdrawals and your Tracing Number

Standard Withdrawals

If you are missing a withdrawal, please allow up to 2-5 working days for this to arrive in your bank account.

Once that timeframe has passed, if your withdrawal still isn't available, you can reach out to our customer support team and they will provide you with a Tracing number to provide to your bank account.

Visa Direct/Fast Funds/Rapid Withdrawals

Visa Direct will enable customers who have an eligible Visa debit or prepaid card to withdraw their funds instantly to this Visa card. This withdrawal typically arrives in your account instantly. However, the odd occasion takes up to 2 hours.


If you have made a withdrawal via Trustly, please allow up to 4 hours for this to be returned to your bank. If 4 hours has elapsed you can contact us to investigate this further by clicking the 'Get in touch' button at the bottom of this article.

Tracing (ARN) Number

ARN stands for Acquirer reference number. This is a unique number that tags a credit card transaction when it goes from the merchant’s bank (The Acquiring Bank) through the card scheme to the cardholder’s bank (The Issuer).

 The ARN can be used to track a payment or refund.

  • How to use this

You will need to pass the ARN Number onto your bank; to either the card issuing or the charge back department, and they should be able to find the missing money.

  • What happens is the bank cannot find the money, even with the Tracing (ARN) number?

This means that a trace is needed. Thus, you would need to request a letter from the bank which states that they could not find the money and we will be able to trace the funds.

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