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  • How do I open an account?

    You can create an account with us one of the following ways: simply clicking here going to our homepage ( and click on "Join Now" on the top right corner of the page. You'll be directed to our registration page where you need to... more

  • What should I do to protect my personal computer?

    Your computer has the potential to become the target of an attack by a criminal hacker. Their goal might be to capture your personal information, use your machine to attack others or it could even be used to store illegal data. Here's what you can... more

  • Why can I only view the latest prices logged in with a funded account?

    Only customers logged into an active funded account will be able to view the latest Betfair prices. We do this to discourage extreme usage of Betfair website data by software programs that don’t use Betfair to bet. Your account becomes an... more

  • How should I protect my personal information?

    Your personal information is valuable, both to you and to fraudsters. Betfair understands this, and we have developed secure processes which further reduce the risk of your details getting into the wrong hands. For example, our processes ensure that... more

  • What is my TAN (Telephone Account Number)?

    Your TAN (Telephone Account Number) is a unique code that allows you to bet via our Telephone Betting Service. To use your account over the phone you must quote your TAN when calling our Telephone Betting Desk. This number can be found as... more