What is my TAN (Telephone Account Number)?

Your TAN (Telephone Account Number) is a unique code that allows you to bet via our Telephone Betting Service. To use your account over the phone you must quote your TAN when calling our Telephone Betting Desk. This number can be found as follows:

  • Login to your account.
  • Hover over the ‘My Account’ dropdown on the top right hand side of the website.
  • Select the ‘My Betfair Account’ option from the dropdown menu.
  • Once on the ‘My Betfair Account’ page, select the ‘Account Details’ tab.
  • On the right hand side, you will see you TAN number on the right hand side under the Telephone Betting Service section. 

When calling the Telephone Betting Desk, please quote your name and your TAN for rapid access to your account.

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