UK Credit Card and Revolut Card Regulatory Restrictions

The laws in the UK have changed recently, which means that betting companies can’t accept top-ups to your account from Credit Cards. Betfair are fully supportive of the changes and won’t be taking any funds that come from Credit Cards from April 14th2020.  


Additionally, as per UK Gambling Commission guidance, this restriction for UK customers also includes any deposits or top-ups to accounts made via alternative methods such as PayPal, PaySafe cards, etc; in cases where the balance was initially funded by Credit Cards.

You can still withdraw funds to the Credit Cards attached to your account.

You can continue to use Debit Cards as normal. If you need to update your card, it’s simple:


On Desktop:

    1. Click on ‘My Account’
    2. Go to ‘My Betfair Account’
    3. Click ‘Payments”
    4. Click ‘Card Details’
    5. Add new card

On Mobile:

    1. Tap ‘My Account’ in the header
    2. Tap ‘My Card Details’ in the Payments section
    3. Add new card