Beat the Drop FAQ

How does it work?

Step 1: Select your stake and the number of questions you want to answer (max ticket £/€250). You will then be given a pot of money to bet with (the size of that pot will depend on your stake and the number of questions which you have chosen to answer).

Step 2: From those which are being offered, simply choose your first fixture and the market on which you wish to bet. You can then either split your pot, or go all the way in, on that question. Repeat this process until you have answered all of your questions.

Step 3: Any money left in the pot after all the questions have been answered is yours to keep.

Who can take part?

You must have a registered Betfair account to play the game.

 How do I claim my free first go?

We’re giving ALL Betfair customers 30 days of free play. You will have unlimited play of a ‘10 Q - £1,000 Pot’ game. Simply log in to Beat The Drop and you can start your free month.

What is a pot?

The ‘pot’ is what would traditionally be known as the ‘Potential Returns’ of a Sportsbook bet. Instead of aspiring to win the potential returns, Beat the Drop customers get the ‘pot’ up front and must try to hold onto it.

What determines the size of the pot?

Customers can adjust the size of the pot by selecting a different ticket value and the number of questions to be answered. The more questions chosen, the harder it is to complete the game with money remaining in the pot (as there will be more points at which your pot can be reduced).

What happens if I don’t answer a question in time?

You have 14 days from the time when you answered your last question to complete your game. This gives you the freedom to come and go as you wish (provided you complete the game within that 14 day period).

Can I set an amount I want to bet or do I have to select one of the amounts given?

There are pre-selected amounts available so you may only choose one of those (max ticket price is £/€250).

Do I answer questions one by one?

Yes - questions are answered one by one. After you answer a question and the bet for which you gave your answer is settled, you will progress to the next round if you still have money to carry over.

What happens if I go ‘All In’ on one question?

You can go all-in on every question!  Where you do so successfully for the applicable question, you will carry over your full pot to the next question.  However, if you go all-in and get the question wrong, you will be out of the game.   

Where can I see the questions?

The questions are in the question library and will be regularly updated so there’s almost always something to play Beat The Drop on.

How are results settled?

Results are settled manually by Betfair in accordance with the Betfair Sportsbook Rules and Regulations (which are available here).  

Where can I see my open and settled bets?

The details of your ticket purchases and winnings/losses can be seen in the ‘My Transactions’ section of ‘My Account’.

How can I enter?

Visit and sign up to play.

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