Winner & Top Goalscorer Doubles

With Top Goalscorer markets there is always a possiblity of players being tied on the same number of goals. This can generate dead heats (especially for places in each way bets) and this can be tricky to understand. We have provided an explanation below:

With the Winner/Top Goalscorer doubles market you are backing a team to win the World Cup along with a player to be Top Goalscorer. It is possible for more than one player to be the Top Goalscorer, in this event dead heat rules are applied to your bet. The stake is divided by the total number players tied and paid out at the full odds.

Example: You back Germany to win the World Cup and Ozil to be the Top Goalscorer at 66/1 for a £15 stake. If Sterling of England, Morata of Spain and Ozil all finish as joint top scorers on five goals each, there are three joint winners in this market and a dead heat is applied to your bet. The bet is settled as as £5 (one third of £15 based on three joint top scorers) at odds of 66/1. Total returns: £335.

Please note: Goals scored in extra-time count for Top Goalscorer markets but goals scored in penaly shootouts do not count.

Own goals do not count for goalscorer markets.


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