Exchange: What is Auto Cash Out?

Exchange: What is Auto Cash Out?

Auto Cash Out is Betfair’s latest Cash Out functionality, giving you the complete control over your bet, even when you are not near a mobile device or computer. This means you can now lock in a profit without lifting a finger.

To set up an Auto Cash Out you need to have an active Cash Out position in a market. Once you have placed a matched bet, simply, go to the active market you want to create an Auto Cash Out for and press the dropdown menu next to the Cash Out button. You will be given the option to set a profit level at which you would like to Auto Cash Out on a market.

Your profit value can be set to any positive figure between your current Cash Out position and your maximum profit on the market.
Press the save button and if your profit in the market hits the Auto Cash Out figure set we will automatically Cash Out for you. When you have an Auto Cash Out rule set up the dropdown adds a green dot to notify you of this.

To remove an Auto Cash Out rule re-open the dropdown and press the remove button.

Note that not all markets are eligible for Auto Cash Out.

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