Exchange: What is Auto Cash Out?

Exchange: What is Auto Cash and why should I use it?

Auto Cash Out allows you to set a profit level and then be cashed-out by Betfair when this level is reached.

How do I use Auto Cash Out?

  • To set up an Auto Cash Out you need to have an active Cash Out position in a market. Simply press the dropdown next to the Cash Out button and you will be given the option to set a profit level at which you would like to Auto Cash Out on a market.

Below screenshots are taken from the cash out tab (in the black banner on browser and on the footer in the App).

  • You can set your profit value to be any positive figure between your current Cash Out position and your maximum profit on the market. Press the save button and if your profit in the market hits the Auto Cash Out figure you set we will automatically Cash Out for you.

Where can I use Auto Cash Out?

  • Auto Cash Out is offered on a range of markets where Cash Out is available on the exchange.

How do I know I have an Auto Cash Out on a market?

  • When you have an Auto Cash Out rule set up the dropdown adds a green dot to notify you of this. To remove an Auto Cash Out rule re-open the dropdown and press the remove button.
  • If your Auto Cash Out is successful, you will have a minimum profit of the amount you set for your Auto Cash Out on each selection in the market. There will be a success message on the screen letting you know you have had a successful Auto Cash Out. Any liability that you had on the market will be returned to your balance.
  • Setting up an Auto Cash Out doesn't place an unmatched bet into the market. Once an Auto Cash Out has executed you will see the bets that were placed to do so in your My Bets page.

Is there anything else I should know about Auto Cash Out?

  • You will not be able to see when the Auto Cash Out service is attempting to Cash Out for you.
  • In some cases it is possible that the traded volumes on the market look like it was possible for an Auto Cash Out to execute but it doesn't due to other customers matching this volume.
  • Upon an Auto Cash Out being executed all unmatched bets that you have on the market will be cancelled.


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