Betfair Exchange Outage

What is Betfair's definition of an outage?

The point at which Betfair disables betting on 

Please note - Should Betfair Mobile and/or our API go down but the desktop still be accessible, you will be able to continue betting on the desktop site and this will not constitute an outage.





Betfair will disable betting when:

  • Customers are unable to log in to or navigate the website.
  • Customers are unable to view prices on the website.
  • Customers are unable to place bets on the website.

Will my bets be cancelled?

All Unmatched and keep bets will be cancelled in the following instances: 

  • Unmatched and keep bets will be cancelled on markets which are In-Play during an outage.
  • Bets which, at the moment betting is disabled, are unmatched on outright winner markets where there may be material price changes due to related In-Play events. For example, a tennis tournament winner market when a tournament semi-final is taking place at the time an outage begins.
  • Horse & Greyhound Races: Bets which, when an outage ends, are unmatched on horse and greyhound races that are due to take place within the next 20 minutes.
  • No matched bets will be void due to an outage.

Glossary of terms

In-Play: Betting while an event is in progress.

Outright: Applies to betting on the winner of a tournament or competition, such as Wimbledon and longer term markets such as the Champions League.

Unmatched Exchange bet: If Betfair cannot find a customer who wants to back or lay the bet you are requesting, your bet remains unmatched.

A Keep bet: The market will suspend as normal once the event starts, but when it turns in-play all bets which had the "keep" option selected will remain and be available for other customers to match. Bets which are kept in this way retain their original place in the queue to be matched.

Please note - During an outage Customer Service may be busier than usual and if your query is not urgent please bear with us as we try to improve the site.

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