What is an ‘Inactive’ account fee?

If you have not logged in to your Betfair account in over 13 consecutive months, your account is considered ‘Inactive’.

Once an account is inactive, your Betfair account balance will be charged a fee each month until you:

  • login and reactivate,
  • close your account, or
  • your account balance reaches zero.

The level at which the monthly fee is set will depend on the currency in which your funds are held (and, in some circumstances, where you are based) - see the table at the end of the article for further details.

Please note:

  • A login on any of Betfair’s products – Sportsbook, Exchange, Arcade, Casino, Bingo, Poker, Exchange Games – is sufficient to prevent your account from incurring the fee.
  • To reactivate your account and prevent the inactive fee from being charged, all you need to do is login.
  • Once your Betfair balance reaches zero, no further fees will be charged. Your account cannot go into negative balance.
  • Once you have been refunded, you can withdraw your balance at any time.

Betfair will contact you each month via email as a notice that your account is about to be charged the inactive account fee in 30 days time, along with details of how to prevent the fee from being charged and the refund process.

The below table shows how much your account will be charged as a result of incurring the fee, dependent on the currency in which your funds are held (and in some circumstances, where you are based). Customers registered in the United Kingdom, shall not be subject to the Inactive Account Fee. If your country of registration is outside the UK, and you hold more than one Betfair account, you will only incur an Inactive Account Fee in respect of one account at any one time (meaning that you will never pay more than one Inactive Account Fee per month). 

Currency                                      Unit Charges

AUD                                                        5
BRL                                                       15
CAD                                                        5
DKK                                                      30
EUR                                                        5
GBP (International customer)                 4
HKD                                                      30
NOK                                                      30
SEK                                                      30
SGD                                                        5
USD                                                        5


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