What is the Return To Player (RTP) for Betfair products?

The Return To Player (RTP) percentage of a fixed odds game represents the theoretical payback of game over time expressed as a percentage of total amount staked. This theoretical payback percentage is verified by running a large number of transactions - typically in the range of 10 million - through the game to ensure that the expected payback is within an expected range of the theoretical RTP. For those games, the result is generated by a RNG, which guarantees that each game outcome is generated independently and entirely randomly.

Both the testing of the RTP and the RNG are completed by an independent, accredited testing house who perform certification testing on behalf of the appropriate licensing body for each game.

Details of the RTP percentages which are relevant to each of Betfair's applicable games are included on each game's information page.

For the avoidance of doubt, Betfair does not guarantee that any of the games it offers will pay out according to its RTP percentage in a single hand, spin or play (or, indeed, to an individual customer).

Betfair warrants and represents that it is, in respect of the games it offers, compliant with the RTP requirements of all the appropriate licencing bodies, including the Return to Player Directive 2016 issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

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