Exchange: What can I do with an unmatched bet in SP markets?

By default unmatched bets ‘lapse’ and are cancelled at the start of the event.

You can still choose for this to happen if you wish, and unmatched bets will have “cancel” as their default. However we have added two alternative options:

  • You can choose to “Keep” the bet once the market turns in-play if it is not matched prior to the off. This provides another opportunity to get your bet matched, although there is still no guarantee you will be matched as the price may never reach the level you have requested.

  • You can also choose to convert your unmatched Exchange bet to an SP bet if it remains unmatched at the off by selecting the “Take SP” option.

Please note again that you can cancel an unmatched Exchange bet as normal, whichever option you have chosen.

Please view 'What are the options 'Keep bet' and 'Take SP' when I have an unmatched Exchange bet?' for more details.

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