How do I change the primary address of my PayPal account?

To deactivate your PayPal account (or any eWallet) we require a proof of closure to ensure that the integrity of our closed loop policy is not being broken.

This proof can be in the form of a screen shot of the email PayPal sent confirming the account closure. The information that needs to be included is:

  • The registered PayPal email address
  • The confirmation of closure from PayPal
  • The relevant PayPal graphics/logo

We cannot accept a cut/copy and paste email. To take a screen-shot, you need to have the content visible on screen and then press the 'ALT' + 'Print Screen' button on the keyboard. You then need to open up a new document such as 'Microsoft Word' or 'Paint' and paste the screen-shot onto the program. If you then save the document and contact us with the attachment, we will be able to remove the PayPal account and return your funds via an alternate payment method.

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