Poker: How to read the hand history?

The hand history for every hand is saved in a specific folder in your computer (please see here). The ‘.txt’ files can be read with every text reading software, such as Notepad, WordPad, Word, and also by commonly used Poker tracking software, such as Hold’em Manager, which convert them into formats friendly to the eye.

Each played hand is saved in a separate file and sorted by ‘Hand ID’. The text file shows a step by step guide what has happened during the hand. A typical hand history is shown below.

All cards dealt are displayed in a short version whereas the first character display the value or rank of the card and the second character the suit or colour:

How to Read Hand History

9h = Nine of Hearts
Td = Ten of Diamonds
Jh = Jack of Hearts
As = Ace of Spades

Typical hand history:
**** History for hand R5-10679971-585 *****
Start hand: Sun Dec 6 15:23:52 GMT+0000 2009
Table: Monaco [10679971] (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0.25/$0.50, Real money)
User: Player A
Button: seat 8
Players in round: 2
Seat 6: Player A ($50)
Seat 8: Player B ($144.50)
Player B posts small blind ($0.25)
Player A posts big blind ($0.50)
Dealing pocket cards
Dealing to Player A: [9s, 9h]
Player B raises $2.25 to $2.50
Player A raises $7 to $7.50
Player B calls $5
--- Dealing flop [2d, 7h, 8c]
Player A bets $15
Player B calls $15
--- Dealing turn [8h]
Player A bets $27.50 [all in]
Player B folds
Main pot: $45 won by Player A ($44)
Seat 6: Player A ($71.50), net: +$21.50
Seat 8: Player B ($122), net: -$22.50
***** End of hand R5-10679971-585 *****

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