Poker: What are the Betfair Priority Club Levels?

The Priority Club is made up of 10 Monthly levels and 3 Elite levels.

Monthly Levels

Each Monthly Level with its own monthly Status Points requirement to achieve that individual Level. A calculation to assess whether you are eligible to stay on or move up a Priority Level is made on a daily basis. You can move up to a different Priority Level at any time.

However, you will only move down a Level at the start of a new calendar month. If you have not earned the required number of Status Points to maintain your existing Priority Level, then you will move down to the Level applicable to the Status Points you accrued in the previous month.

Only Status Points earned from rake contributed at a cash table or fees paid in tournaments count towards calculating your Priority level. At the start of each month your Status Points total is reset to zero for the purpose of the monthly Priority level calculation for the month ahead.


During the month of January you earn 1,600 Status Points and climb from Priority level 1 to Priority level 5

For the month of February you will be on at least Priority level 5

During the month of February you actually only manage to earn 600 Status Points

At the start of March your Priority level would then be downgraded to Priority level 4

However during March you manage to earn 12,500 Status Points and therefore move from Priority level 4 to Priority level 7. You would then retain Priority Level 7 for the month of April

Elite Levels

Each Elite Level has its own Status Point requirement to achieve that individual Level and takes into account SP’s earned over a longer time period. A calculation to assess whether you are eligible to stay on or move up an Elite Priority Level is still made on a daily basis.

The calculation takes into consideration a maximum of 3 months’ history. On any day of the month after the 1st it will count the current month’s SPs earned up to midnight of the previous day added to the previous 2 months’ SPs total. On the 1st of each month it will consider the previous 3 months.

If that total meets the required number of SPs for an Elite Level it takes precedent over any of the standard monthly Priority Levels.


In May, Player A earns 25,000 Status Points and is on Priority Level 9. In June, Player A earns 60,000 Status Points and moves up to Priority Level 10.

On 16th July, Player A reaches 15,000 Status Points for the current month and as a result by adding the current month total with the previous 2 months’ total Player A reaches the 100,000 Status Points overall, they will then be placed on Priority Elite Level 11 from the following day.

Player A would then retain Priority Elite Level 11 through August, September and October. If come the 1st of November the previous 3 months’ total doesn’t reach 100,000 Status Points or above, Player A would be downgraded to the Priority Level equal to the number of Status Points earned in October.

NOTE – Player A would always be able to move further up the Priority Elite levels if they meet the required number of Status Points. That calculation to move up a Priority Level will still occur on a daily basis.

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