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Cash Out+ is a fantastic feature which allows you to Cash Out part of your bet. You can do this, for example, when a game is going in your favour and you wish to reduce your risk while keeping a healthy profit on a selection.

Where is Cash Out+ available?

Cash Out+ is currently only available on the Cash Out page of our website. We will be adding it soon to the event and market pages.

It will also be available on our iPhone App and mobile site in the coming weeks. Unfortunately we won’t be able to add it to our Android and iPad Apps until later this year.

Cash Out+ will initially be offered on Football Match Odds and Over/Under markets. We’ll be rolling it out to more markets and sports in the near future.

I want to Cash Out+ a specific amount (e.g. £5.00). Why can't I choose to Cash Out+ that exact amount using the slider?

The amount you can Cash Out is based on the current odds and available liquidity in the market. This means we can’t control the values displayed so that they round up nicely to a whole number like £5.00.

How often can I use Cash Out+ on a single market?

There is no defined limit to the number of times you can use Cash Out+. We will offer you the option as long as you are able to Cash Out a portion of your bet. This will depend on a number of different factors:

1. The size and odds of your initial bet.

2. The current odds of the selection(s) you have matched bets on.

3. The portion of your bet that you have previously Cashed Out.

The option to Cash Out+ has disappeared but I can still Cash Out. Why is this?

We will only offer Cash Out+ when it is possible for you to Cash Out a portion of your bet. At times, the current odds and available liquidity in the market will mean you’ll be able to Cash Out all of your bet but not part of it.

What do the different figures on the screen mean?
The first image below is the Cash Out you know and love. The Cash Out value is what will get returned to you once the market closes.

The Profit value is the amount you have won or lost in that market.

Once you move the slider off Max, the Cash Out value becomes the minimum amount you will get from the market once it closes.

The Profit value is your worst case scenario. So in this example, if Liverpool don’t win you will not win anything but your £50 will be returned to you.

The ‘what if…’ shows what will happen if you Cash Out and that selections wins. So in this example, if you don’t Cash Out, you will win £64 if Liverpool win and lose £50 if they don’t. However, if you use Cash Out+, you will win £56.62 if Liverpool wins and lose nothing if they don’t.

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