Exchange Games: Information on time critical events and the importance of having the right system and network connection

On Exchange Games the bets placed by players are matched in the order in which they are placed in order to offer our players a fair service and gambling experience.

This means that it is your responsibility to make sure that you have a good network connection and a device which does not incur delays or slow responses whilst you are playing the game in order to make sure that your bets are placed and matched when you want.

A slow network connection might cause your bets not to be placed (for example if you tried to place a bet during the last seconds of a round, your bet might not get to the server in time or at all if the network is too slow).  A slow network connection might also mean that your bets would remain unmatched (for example if you placed a bet  then the available liquidity might be taken by another person’s bet if they had a faster server connection).

For more information regarding the Exchange Games technical requirements please read here.

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