Exchange Games: How does the Random Number Generator work?

Exchange poker uses a pair of Hardware Random Number Generators built on the Nehemiah C5XL Core. Both RNGs have passed the FIPS 140-2 Compliance Test Suite. The hardware von Neumann whitening corrector is enabled to ensure a consistently high value of entropy which has been measured in excess of 0.999 bits per output bit. Documentation, including an assessment of cryptographic strength from an independent industry group, is available for the terminally curious. 

In addition to the above the software that works with the RNG conforms to best industry practices and cards are not drawn until betting is suspended for each round. We have run a variety of tests on the hands dealt to date to check for randomness and they have passed in all instances. Anyone wishing to run their own tests can download all historic hands in CSV format at We will have a full external audit done on the entire process at the next available opportunity, this audit will be ongoing and we will publish the results of these audits. 

Card are only drawn when required and not before. Betting on the "Deal" round (where card backs are shown) is prior to any cards being dealt. Likewise the placeholders shown in the communal cards are exactly that with the cards for those position determined prior to the relevant betting round and displayed at the same time as the market opens.

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