Poker: How does Betfair Poker guarantee random cards are dealt?

The Random Number Generator (usually referred to as RNG) is a hardware device used to ensure the fairness of the poker games. RNG generates a sequence of numbers which correspond to various results in all the games. Nobody can predict the next number in a series, no matter how many previously generated numbers have come out. RNG’s outcome cannot be modified or predicted in any way, so the results of the games are really based on a combination of luck and game skills. The results of the games coming from the RNG are not player dependent. The RNG works for the whole gaming system.


So the cards are not decided until they are dealt, there is an actual shuffle before every card is dealt. This is to make it impossible for hackers to be able to get into the system and be able to use this knowledge to only play hands they know will become good. Poker sites gain nothing by who wins or loses a hand or a tournament, but by rakes and buy-in fees.

Betfair takes a commission on the pot (rake) regardless of who is the winner of the hand and thus it would not make sense to favour one player over another.

It’s just poker, fascinating and intriguing with all its twists and turns. Play your cards and the game the best possible way you can. Don’t worry about if the deal was fair, at an online table, it always is.

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