Bingo: What are the different game types?

90-Ball Bingo is the most traditional form of Bingo, and is played with balls numbered from one to 90. Tickets are made up of three lines containing five numbers each. There can be prizes for one line, two lines and full-house (all three lines). There are some other variants of the game that we also offer such as:

Speed Bingo (faster, games last approximately one minute)

Deal or No Deal Bingo (the full-house winner receives a mystery box containing a figure, and an offer from the Banker in the form of the popular TV show, and has to choose between the two to decide their prize)

Roll On Bingo (the game continues past one full-house winner until more people get a full house)

Lucky Numbers Bingo (select three lucky numbers, and match one, two or three of your chosen lucky numbers with any of the balls when the one line, two line and/or full house is won and you will win a Lucky numbers jackpot )

75-Ball Bingo uses just 75 balls instead of the traditional 90, and the tickets are made up of 25 numbers arranged in five lines of five. There are different variants of the game:

Pattern Bingo (has a set pattern on the card, and this must be filled in order to win the prize)

UK 75-Ball Bingo (has five prizes, one for one line, one for two lines etc. and a “Coverall” prize for completing the card. A free square is allowed in the middle of the ticket).

Deal or No Deal 75 (the normal 75 ball game, with the Deal or No Deal feature at the end of the game)

We also sometimes feature 80-Ball Bingo, which has many different variations.

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