Exchange Games: How does the Dead Heat Rule work for Exchange Blackjack?

The Dead Heat Rule applies to bets on Exchange Blackjack when there is a tie between a player hand and the dealer the result is a draw or tie. When this occurs, the odds for both the Backers and Layers are divided by two.

Client A backs Hand 1 for £100 at odds of 4.0. Both Hand 1 & the dealer get a Blackjack, Client A bet is now calculated as £100 at 2.0 odds and hence they receive £100 in winnings.

Note; as a result of the dead heat rule it is possible to receive less that your original stake during settlement of a game in which a dead heat occurs. For example if Client A had backed Hand 1 for £100 at odds of 1.2 and then both Hands 1 & the dealer scored 18 points, the total payout for this bet would be £100 X (1.2/2) = £60. A net loss of £40 even though the chosen hand is a winner.

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