Casino: How can I see what offers are available to me?

The active Casino promotions you can take part in are listed on the Casino Promotions Hub. 

Remember you'll need log in first, as this page will only show promotions that you are eligible to take part in. 

If you're looking for the Promotions Hub, check below as it will vary depending on what device you're using.

  • If you're on a desktop computer or laptop: Visit or click the Promotions link in the black navigation bar.
  • For accessing on our mobile or tablet App, or on a mobile browser: Open the App and click the promotions (gift) icon in the bottom navigation bar.

If you can't find a promotion it might not have started yet or may not be available to you. Please make sure you check the Promotions Hub often, as new offers are added regularly. 

Offer's that have expired won't be visible on the Promotions Hub.

Finding your bonus

Bonuses show on the Promotions Hub page just like promotional offers do. If you've fulfilled a promotion then the page will update to show you the bonus and what you need to do to redeem it.

You can also see how much you have in your bonus wallet via the site headers and in the Account Summary part of  'My Account'. It will also appear in the game window balance for any game that the bonus is eligible for. Bonuses will automatically add to the main amount of money within the game. Some bonuses are only available to be spent on particular games, which you will find clearly listed on the promotions page.

If you have completed the promotion qualification steps but haven't been awarded the bonus this might be because it needs accepting first. Simply find the offer on the promotions page and click accept.

Had a Free Bet offer?

Free Bets have been discontinued and replaced with new Bonus Cash. Your available Free Bet balance has been converted automatically into Bonus Cash and this balance should be displayed in the site headers and in the account summary in My Account.

Need more help?

To see where you're at if you've taken part in a promotional and need some help click here. Or if you need help using a bonus or offer, take a look here.

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