Casino: What I need to do to complete a promotion?

All promotions available to you are shown on the Casino promotions hub page. From here you can click through to the individual promotions page where all details of the offer will be displayed. Also on this page there will be clear steps on what you need to do to complete the promotion.

To find the Promotions Hub, check below as it will vary depending on what device you're using.

  • If you're on a desktop computer or laptop: Visit or click the Promotions link in the black navigation bar.
  • For accessing on our mobile or tablet App, or on a mobile browser: Open the App and click the promotions (gift) icon in the bottom navigation bar.

Checking progress of an offer

There are two kinds of promotions: Automated and Static.

The automated promotions will show you an update on progress in real-time as soon as you have completed the relevant action. You must opt-in to these promotions first so that the automated tracking can update for you correctly. You know when you have opted-in because it will show you a banner over the top graphic saying "Accepted". The progress will be shown to you via the promotions page, which can always be accessed from the promotions hub page. You must log in to see your own progress. Once you have completed the banner will change to say "Qualified".

Static promos do not show you real-time updates. For these you just need to read through the steps and complete them. Once complete, you will be paid out the reward within 24 hours.

How long do I have to complete the offer?

For automated promotions, the time left (count down) is displayed on the promotions hub page and individual page. It will always tell you how long you have left to complete the next step.

For static promotions you will be given a promotion expiry date and this should be clearly displayed at the bottom of the promotions page.

Progress bar not updating?

If you can see the progress bar and have completed one of the steps on an eligible game but yet the percentage is not increasing then please try logging out and back in to the to see if this updates anything. If this doesn't work, log off and wait for an hour or so to ensure full updates have completed.

If this still doesn't work then we recommend you contact Customer Service.


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