Bingo: How do I recover from a game disconnection?

If your connection to a Bingo game is lost for whatever reason, for example due to internet connection problems, you can still go back into Bingo and resume your participation.

If you join before the game has begun, you will see the same tickets/strips as before and you will have the option to purchase, if time permits.

If you join a game whilst it is in progress and you have already purchased tickets for that game, the game will resume at the current number being called, your purchased tickets will be retrieved and you will be able to watch the remainder of the game being played out.

If you are disconnected while a game is in progress, you can still see the results in Bet History after completion of the game.

When you re-login to bingo, if a game is already in progress and you have not purchased tickets for that game, you will see this being played out, and will also have the option to move to the next game and purchase tickets if you wish.

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