Sportsbook: Why can’t I combine all my single selections in Multiples?

In some cases the message ‘Some of your selections cannot be combined’ or ‘Some of your Singles selections cannot be included in Multiples.’ appear. This means that you

  • either have a lay bet selected as a Singles, or
  • have a back bet selected as a Singles which is not available for combination, or
  • have selected one or more Singles selection which have related contingencies (see below). In this case you would need to remove one or more highlighted selection on your Betslip by deselecting.


What are related contingencies?

If you choose two or more selections in your Multiple betslip where one outcome could affect the price of the other outcome, then we speak about a related contingency. In that case, the related selections are highlighted and one or more need to be removed before continuing.

Examples for related contingencies:

  • Combination of Roger Federer to reach the semi-final of Wimbledon and Roger Federer to win Wimbledon.
  • Combination of Mercedes to win the Formula One Constructors Championship and L. Hamilton to win the Formula One Drivers Championship.

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