Bingo: How do free tickets work?

Free tickets are applied to your account depending on the specific terms and conditions of a promotion. Depending on the type of free ticket, you may need to enter the room and validate the tickets yourself.

Check the Schedule to view details of upcoming games with Free Tickets.

Games with Free Tickets will be highlighted with a ‘Star’ icon.

The Star is coloured differently to reflect whether you need to claim or not.

If you have to claim your free tickets, the Star will be coloured red to indicate this.

If you’ve been given and have claimed free tickets by buying tickets in advance for the game, you may be awarded with subsequent free tickets. You will need to claim these by making another advance ticket purchase or entering the room before the game starts. If you haven’t claimed the subsequent free tickets, the star icon illustrates this.

Hover over the star to see details of the free ticket award and how to claim.

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