What are Random Number Generators, and how do they work?

In reference to the fairness and integrity of our games, please note that each and every spin is independent from the last game and does not take into account your win or losses from your previous games.

We are committed to offer our players the best quality games and we aspire to offer our players with the best services available. Our games use a true random number generator (RNG) and it is constantly tested and verified.

A Random Number Generator is a technology designed to generate a sequence that does not have any pattern, therefore appear to be random.

Software random generators (PRNG): Software RNGs use mathematical algorithms to generate random numbers, initializing the algorithm with a "seed" value derived from some repetitive operation in the computer, such as keystrokes, running processes, the computer's clock, or mouse movements. However, it is extremely difficult to come up with a completely random seed value, since most such operations only provide seeds with a small range of values.

Hardware random generators (TRNG): Hardware RNGs do not require seeds because hardware random numbers are not computed values; they are not derived through a repeatable algorithm. Rather, hardware-generated random numbers are digitized snapshots of naturally occurring noise. Because there is no algorithm and no repeating sequences of numbers, even if a hacker could determine one number, he would not be able to use it to predict any future numbers. For this reason, hardware RNGs are known as Truly Random Number Generators, or TRNGs.

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