How to boost your PC and Internet performance?

Have you recently experienced

  • a slow site performance?
  • a game error in Casino, etc.?
  • a software or browser to freeze or to crash?
  • a disconnection during a game in Poker, Casino, etc.?

If so, then it is probably time to check your browser and internet connection. Please follow the steps hereunder, which are the most common problem resolver for the above. Should the issue still continue afterwards, please contact our Customer Service team and refer to the steps taken in this FAQ.

Please note: Betfair is not responsible for the content of these external websites referred to in this FAQ.

1. General PC performance:

Although our products do not demand state -of-art hardware, it is always advisable to keep the PC components up to standard and relatively clean of unused programmes

  • Clean your computer system 
  • Upgrade graphics card:
    Graphics cards can become out-dated and perform poorly fairly quickly however many graphic card drivers can be upgraded for free on-line.
    For Windows PC users (Windows 7):
    1. Locate the graphics card: START --> Control Panel --> System --> Device Manager.
    2. Under ‘Display adapters’ you will see the name of the graphics card.
    3. Use this information to search online for the manufacturer, download and update the appropriate latest driver.
    4. Restart your computer.

2. Verifying and updating Java and Flash version

We recommend having always the latest version installed:

  • Java version:
    This needs to be done only for Poker download software.
  • Flash version:
    This needs to be done for Casino download software and all browser-based applications (please checked Flash version for each browser separately).  

3. General internet connectivity

  • Speed test:
    The speed test will verify your internet connection speed. The site will locate your position (by your IP) automatically. For a reasonable test choose any server in Dublin (Ireland) from the map and the test will start. We recommend a download and upload speed above 1 Mbps.
  • Ping test:
    Pinging a server determine the quality of your internet connection. The site will locate your position (by your IP) automatically. For a reasonable test choose Dublin (Ireland) from the map and the test will start. We recommend having a ping result below 100 ms with no packet losses.
  • Wireless vs. wire:
    If you are using a wireless internet connection, please make sure that the router is within a close proximity whenever possible. This will reduce the chances of the signal becoming interrupted by walls etc.
    You may also try to change from wireless to a wired connection to improve your internet speed.

4. Browser performance

  • Deleting your browser history is the most common problem solution. It is a good idea to clear your browser's cookies on a regular basis. It is a good time to clear your browser's cache while you are clearing the cookies.
    For a more detailed explanation click here (please note that this web link explains only deleting cache for various browsers; to delete although cookies in one go also tick ‘Cookies’ or view a more detailed explanation here).
  • Disable Add-ons/Plug-ins/Extensions:
    Sometimes, with or without you knowing it, your browser ends up with add-ons such as extra toolbars, animated mouse pointers, stock tickers or pop-up ad blockers. While add-ons can make your online experience better, they can occasionally interfere or conflict with other software on your computer.
    Click here for how to disable add-ons on various browsers.
    To start Internet Explorer without Add-ons: START --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

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