Vegas Slots: What are free spins and how do they work?

Free spins will be awarded to players via promotions and as bonuses. They allow you to spin our slots for free, and you get to keep all the winnings which you receive during the applicable time.

They are automatically set to a maximum number of lines on each slot, and the value of those spins will vary according to the promotion.

You can exit the game during a set of free spins, and continue when you reopen the game. Free spins are only valid on one game at a time. Spins are currently tied to one and only one game.

If you have been awarded with Free Spins, you will be notified once you open up an eligible game.

The notification will display how many free spins you have and the value of each spin:


You can see how many Free Spins you have left at the bottom of the game window: