What is Betfair doing to protect you?

At Betfair, the security of your personal information is a priority. Here are some of the ways we help to protect you and your account:

  • Login information is always submitted encrypted.
    When you log in to our website, your username and password are submitted securely. Before your username and password leave your computer, we encrypt them using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL protects information as it crosses the internet.

  • All Betfair software is security tested.
    Internal and external security teams constantly test Betfair software for security vulnerabilities. We use a mixture of security testing techniques to ensure that our applications are of the highest quality. Moreover, we do security testing for all third party applications, which use Betfair’s public API and are part of Betfair’s Developer Program.

  • We enforce stronger passwords.
    All customer passwords are checked upon creation against Betfair’s minimum password strength policies.
    Your account will be temporarily deactivated after several unsuccessful attempts.
    This security mechanism is designed to stop common password guessing/brute force attacks against your account.

  • Your account history is available online.
    If you are suspicious that your account may be compromised you can visit ‘My Account’ page and see your most recent account transactions and activities.

  • Sensitive changes to your account require authentication.
    All sensitive details are protected with your account credentials. This means that in case your account is in the hands of an attacker it will not be possible to change your personal details.

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