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We use a 3rd party data provider called ‘Opta’ to settle our Player Passes markets. Although Opta make every effort to ensure their data collection is as accurate as possible, they can sometimes review the statistics and make amendments. So, while it may appear as a successful player pass on our site, this could change once the final review is complete.

See below for a list of Opta definitions accompanied by short explanations. This will help you understand how your bet will be settled.


Opta define a pass as any intentional played ball from one player to another. Passes include open play passes, goal kicks, corners and free kicks played as pass – but exclude crosses, keeper throws and throw-ins.

Opta adds a whole range of qualifiers to each pass event, so that various things can be measured

Chipped pass – a lofted ball where there is a clear intended recipient, must be over shoulder height and using the passes height to avoid opposition players.

Headed pass – a header where there is a clear intended recipient.

Launch – a long high ball into space or into an area for players to chase or challenge for the ball.

Flick-on – a glancing pass with head or foot onto a team mate where the ball is helped on in the same general direction.

Pull back – a pass inside the penalty area which is pulled back from the goal-line to the centre of the penalty area.

Lay-off – a first time pass away from goal when there is pressure on the passer (Typically played by a forward) with one touch when they have their back to goal.

Through Ball – a pass splitting the defence for a team-mate to run on to.

Tap pass – a short pass after a dead ball situation which cannot have a lost outcome.

Each pass is logged with X and Y co-ordinates for its point of origin and destination.

All Player Passes bets are settled on the basis of 90 minutes’ play (plus injury time) unless otherwise stated. For any Player Passes bets, all bets placed on players that do not take part in the match will be void. Players will be deemed a participant should they enter the game at any point in 90 minutes play plus injury time.

Rules and Regulations

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