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What is Prizeout?

Prizeout is a withdrawal method available for Betfair customers in the UK and Ireland.

Withdrawing with Prizeout will allow you the option to withdraw your winnings via a Gift Card instead of withdrawing to your bank or to another payment method. 

Your Gift Card will be sent to you by Prizeout within minutes to your email address registered on your Betfair account. Please note that in certain situations there may be a slight delay, as we aim to help best protect our customers and keep your funds safe.

Prizeout offers exclusive deals and offers to users in the form of digital Gift Cards and will often have attractive offers with great brands.


Why use Prizeout?

Withdrawing your winnings with Prizeout offers you an alternative to withdrawing to regular payment methods. There are many benefits associated with withdrawing with Prizeout, including:

  1. Get More for your Money
    Prizeout’s offer enables Betfair customers to often receive a higher value on the Gift Card than the amount they withdraw from their account.
  2. Receive your Gift Card via email in minutes
    Prizeout allows you to withdraw your money to a Gift Card that is sent directly to your email (make sure the email address on your account is correct), meaning you can get to shop sooner. You’ll get the Gift Card in minutes and often for a higher value than your withdrawal amount. In certain situations, there may be a slight delay, as we aim to protect our customers and keep your funds safe.
  3. Spend your Gift Card online or in store
    Prizeout Gift Cards can be spent online by using the details received in the email to redeem with your chosen brand. To redeem in store, scan the barcode on the claim page on your mobile device or print out the claim page and present the barcode to the cashier.


How does this differ from other withdrawal options?

Withdrawing with Prizeout is the same as withdrawing back to your bank account or any other payment method, the benefit is you have a chance to get more for your money through the exclusive deals on offer on a variety of Gift Cards. In most cases, you will also get access to the winnings you withdraw almost instantly.


How will I receive my Gift Card?

Your Gift Card details will be sent by Prizeout to the email address on your Betfair account. You can use the Gift Card Code and Pin received in the email to redeem online. To redeem in store, scan the barcode on the claim page on your mobile device or print out the claim page and present the barcode to the cashier.

Please make ensure before you decide to Withdraw with Prizeout that you have checked your email address on file for Betfair is up to date and is where you wish to receive your Gift Card. You can check this by reviewing the details on your account here.


How do I withdraw with Prizeout?

Simply navigate to the withdrawals page or click here. Once there, you can withdraw to Prizeout the same way you would to any other Payment Method.

Pick the amount you think you might want to withdraw – once you are taken to Prizeout you will be able to edit this. Whatever amount you select on the ‘Withdraw’ page in your Betfair account isn’t automatically withdrawn, you can change your mind in Prizeout and toggle the filter up or down, to find the Gift Card that suits you best.

Please note there are some limits on Prizeout withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal using Prizeout is £/€5 per transaction and the maximum withdrawal is £/€500 per transaction. This value relates to the withdrawal value being taken out of your Betfair account balance, not the monetary value of the Gift Card. You can also only choose one Gift Card per withdrawal.


Additional questions on Prizeout?

Please click here, where we have answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions about withdrawing with Prizeout for Betfair customers which will hopefully help with your query.


Please note that once you have chosen a Gift Card and made a successful withdrawal with Prizeout, the Gift Card will be sent to your Betfair email.

We hope that we have provided sufficient information on Prizeout in both the above article, and on our Prizeout FAQs section, available here.

If you have any questions after this Prizeout are best placed to answer these – we advise referring to their Help Centre Page or contacting them directly using the links below.

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